HeartMath products, tools and techniques are based on over 25 years of scientific research conducted at the HeartMath Institute on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain. There are over 300 peer-reviewed or independent studies utilizing HeartMath techniques or technologies to achieve beneficial outcomes that have been published.

HeartMath® Technology

HeartMath technology is an innovative approach to improving emotional wellbeing. Learn to change your heart rhythm pattern to create physiological coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our mind, emotions and body.

HeartMath Institute Research Director discusses why heart coherence is essential in stress management and sustainable behavior change

Inner Balance Trainer Instructional Videos

There are eight instructional videos to help you set up and use the Inner Balance Technology.

  1. Tabs & Starting a Session
  2. About the Different Session Screens
  3. About the Advanced Screens
  4. The Review Tab & Your History and Progress
  5. An Overview of Journaling
  6. Setting Up HeartCloud
  7. Customize Your Experience & An Overview of Settings
  8. Getting Started