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Hello Water Baby! Weclome to The New You!

We have a short video for you below to whet your whistle. Then you’ll want to know more, so we have a water course for you to learn all about the benefits and uses of Kangen Water with videos and downloads, as well as hearing from some doctors.

Water. It’s the most essential nutrient to life. Every living cell requires water because it is a medium for all metabolic reactions. From transporting nutrients and flushing waste to regulating body temperature to enabling reproduction, water is the most abundant substance and the most essential nutrient in the body. We can survive for more than three weeks without food, but the human body isn’t able to last more than 3-4 days without water.

You get the point, water is crucial to your survival, but is all water created equal? The answer is a resounding NO!

Tap water contains too many pollutants, plastic bottles leech BPA and other chemicals into bottled water, and filtered water sometimes removes all the essential minerals out of the water, increasing the acidity of the body.

What if there was a water that was more hydrating to the body, alkaline to better balance your body’s pH, and had more antioxidants in one glass than 5 cups of blueberries?

Check out this short video to get a glimpse of the world’s healthiest water, which you can make right in your own kitchen. Then register for my free water course. You’ll be glad you did!

Caroline Neglia

Global Enagic Distributor
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